Operating a podiatry practice is difficult. There are countless day-to-day obstacles to overcome and the continual need to develop new marketing methods to fit into your present operations. It’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Podiatrists deal with various foot issues, both acute and chronic, but not all of their treatments are covered by insurance. Podiatry coding can be challenging since most foot-related treatments must adhere to healthcare standards.

Before selecting the final code for any podiatry procedure, carefully examining all codes in this range is advised. Medical coders must keep up with the evolving coding requirements for the podiatry specialty.

Do billing codes differ globally?

Unfortunately, there are regional differences in podiatrist billing codes. Even though the International Categorization of Health Interventions (ICHI) is in the beta stage, the World Health Organization (WHO) is working on creating a consistent categorization system. Even though ICHI is based on ACHI, your podiatry office may still use different billing codes until ICHI is accepted everywhere.

  • 76881: Extremity, nonvascular, real-time picture documentation, ultrasound
  • 76882: Extremity-specific, non-vascular, limited ultrasonography with real-time picture documentation
  • 93922: Investigations of the arteries in the upper or lower extremities that are bilateral, single-level, and non-invasive
  •  93926: Duplex imaging of arterial bypass grafts or the arteries in the lower extremities
  • 20552: Injections into one or two muscles at one or more trigger points,
  • 20553: Injections into one or many trigger points and three or more muscles
  • 20605: Injections, aspiration, and arthrocentesis
  • 20610: Injections, aspiration, and arthrocentesis

What are the podiatry procedure codes?

Doctors’ visits

  • 99203 – 99204: Office Visit Initial Patient (Levels 3 to 4)
  • 99213 – 99214: Established Patient Office Visits (Levels 3 and 4)

Cuticle treatments and procedures

  • 11720: Nail Clipping (1 Foot)
  • 11721: Nail Clipping (2 Feet)
  • 11730: Removal of Toenails
  • 11750: Removal of Toenails (Permanent)
  • 97597: The Treatment of an Open Wound
  • 17110: Benign Wart/Lesion Removal Up to 14

CPT code for Orthotics

  • L3020: Materials for Custom Orthotics (OR002 29799 – Fitting for Casting Impression (S0395)
  • 97760: 15-minute sessions of training in orthotic management

Dislocation or fracture

  • 28450: Treatment of tarsal bone fractures: without treatment, each tarsal bone (apart from the talus and calcaneus)
  • 28455: Through manipulation,
  • 28470: Metatarsal fracture closed treatment: no manipulation, each.
  • 28475: Through manipulation,
  • 28490: Great toe, phalanx, or phalange fracture closed treatment; no manipulation.
  • 28495: Through manipulation
  • 28510: Other than the great toe, closed treatment of phalanx or phalange fractures without manipulating each
  • 28515: Through manipulation,
  • 28630: Without anesthesia, closed metatarsophalangeal joint dislocation therapy
  • 28635: the need for anesthesia
  • 28660: Interphalangeal joint dislocation closed treatment; no anesthesia.
  • 28665: Involving anesthesia


  • 28805: Foot and transmetatarsal amputation
  • 28810: Metatarsal with a single amputation
  • 28820: Metatarsophalangeal joint and toe amputation
  •  28825: interphalangeal articulation
  •  28899: Procedure not listed, foot or toenails

Podiatry medical billing codes vary significantly from country to country and even within a single nation, depending on the client’s health insurance plan. If you look closely, you can see the coverage’s common thread:

Diabetes, arthritis, and peripheral vascular disease-related chronic issues will likely be covered. Regular foot treatment will be covered if the customer has comprehensive private health care coverage.

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