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Flexible & Affordable Billing Solutions

RCM Services For Hospitals

Do you operate without assistance? All-inclusive revenue cycle management and operational assistance, custom-built for your needs.

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Addressing financial and operational obstacles

Complete RCM Instruments for Collective Practice


Electronic Patient Eligibility Portal

Eligibility processes are made easier and faster by our smart technology. Our automated technology exports reports in PDF format during patient visits and effortlessly confirms eligibility.


Portal for Managing Denials

Priority-based processes that automatically extract denial data from reports produced by the EHR, PMS, and billing software facilitate the resolution of denials.


AR Management System

To reduce AR days and unpaid claims, your AR details are immediately extracted and saved in the AR Analyzer.


Put together an RCM team of low-cost FTEs.

Take advantage of FTEs for any of your healthcare organization's needs listed below.

    Level C

  • Insurance Eligibility of Patients
  • Creation and Transmission of Claims
  • Addressing unresolved claims
  • EOBs and ERAs
  • Insurance/Patient AR Management Mailing

    Level B

  • ICD-10 Coding Specialist
  • Expert in AR and Denial Analysis
  • Coding Specialist
  • Auditor of Billings
  • Expert Claims Management

    Level A

  • Coordinator of the Team
  • RCM Group Leader
  • Income Tax Auditor
  • Manager of Denials and AR
  • EDI/ERA automation expert
Relevance of RCM's Credentials

Relevance of RCM's Credentials

  • Operators with experience in knowledge transition
  • Customer service and handling of accounts onsite
  • Team of coders with an average tenure of six years in both hospital and professional settings.
  • Group in charge of adjudication, with an average tenure of more than four years in HMO, PPO, and commercial plans
  • Healthcare and Professional Coding: The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)
  • CCS is affiliated with the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
  • The Professional Healthcare Institute of America (PHIA) and CCP are affiliated.
  • CMBS - Professional Healthcare Institute of America (PHIA) - Medical Billing Section