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Keeping things simple and clear is our motto at RCM Matter because we know how crucial it is in healthcare. When it comes to your patient statements, our dedicated team ensures a smooth and transparent experience. RCM Matter is your reliable partner, providing services that are easy to understand, efficient, and always patient-friendly.

 Millennials Prefer e-Statements
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Millennials Prefer e-Statements

As a leading provider of patient statement services, we are fully aware of today’s generation’s changing preferences. Research indicates that almost 90% of millennials prefer e-statements, and we’re confident that we can cater to these needs. Our efficient and secure platform makes the transition from paper to electronic statements a breeze for healthcare providers. By providing e-statements, our clients can meet the digital generation’s demands and reduce paper waste while offering patients more convenient and accessible statements. Trust RCM Matter to simplify your patient statement processes and provide a modern, eco-friendly solution that aligns with the preferences of today’s generation.

Features Of Our Patient Collection Services

We at RCM Matter know how important it is for your healthcare practice to have reliable patient collection services. Your revenue cycle and your business's financial health can both be enhanced with our all-inclusive suite of services. Explore the exceptional features of our Patient Collection Services below:

Care Coordination

RCM Matter makes it easier for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to work together and help people with long-term health issues. Our system uses the latest tech and smart data tools to share information quickly. This means doctors can act fast and create personalized plans to keep folks healthy. We focus on stopping problems before they get worse, so people don't end up in the hospital as much. RCM Matter makes sure everyone involved in a person's care can talk to each other easily, making sure everyone knows what's going on. Basically, we're making teamwork in healthcare better, so people get the care they need.

Medication Management

Our comprehensive medication management services prioritize effective collaboration with healthcare providers. Leveraging advanced technology, we tailor personalized schedules and reminders to enhance patient adherence and prevent adverse interactions. Beyond routine reminders, we conduct in-depth medication reviews in conjunction with healthcare professionals, ensuring optimal drug regimens aligned with the latest medical advancements. Our commitment extends to patient education, providing valuable resources on medications, potential side effects, and lifestyle adjustments. Through regular check-ins and consultations, we foster open communication, empowering individuals to actively manage their health.

Advanced Technologies

RCM Matter is committed to advancing the chronic care management experience through the integration of cutting-edge technologies. Our approach involves the utilization of remote monitoring devices for real-time health data collection, fostering a comprehensive understanding of your well-being. Coupled with secure communication platforms, we ensure seamless connectivity between you and your healthcare providers, promoting timely and efficient interactions. Moreover, our dedication extends to the application of advanced data analytics, enabling us to identify health trends, predict potential issues, and personalize care plans.

Health Monitoring

Our proactive health monitoring service involves continuous tracking of vital health indicators. We can spot any problems early on due to data analysis, remote monitoring technologies, and routine check-ins. By taking a proactive approach, you may minimize the risk of health issues, maximize your overall well-being and quality of life, and allow for swift treatments. Additionally, our advanced algorithms analyze the collected data to provide personalized health insights, empowering you to make informed decisions about your lifestyle and healthcare. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is readily available to offer guidance and support based on the real-time information we gather.

Lifestyle Coaching

Our lifestyle coaching services prioritize the intersection of informed decision-making and personalized empowerment. With a focus on recognizing the profound influence of lifestyle choices on chronic diseases, we provide comprehensive support to patients. Through individualized consultations and tailored programs, our dedicated team integrates evidence-based strategies, nutritional guidance, and stress management techniques. We believe in fostering not just physical well-being but also mental and emotional harmony. Our goal is to empower clients to embrace and sustain healthier lifestyles, harmonizing seamlessly with prescribed medical treatments.

Features Of Our Patient Collection Services

We at RCM Matter know how important it is for your healthcare practice to have reliable patient collection services. Your revenue cycle and your business's financial health can both be enhanced with our all-inclusive suite of services. Explore the exceptional features of our Patient Collection Services below:

Patient Communication & Engagement

RCM Matter provides advanced communication tools to engage with your patients seamlessly. From customized messages to important updates, our platform ensures a transparent communication channel, fostering a positive relation between your practice and your patients.

Upfront Cost Estimates

Our patient Collection Services offer upfront and accurate cost estimates, allowing patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare expenses. Providing clear financial expectations enhances trust and minimizes surprises, contributing to overall patient satisfaction.

Payment Plans

Understanding the financial strain that medical expenses can place on patients, RCM Matter offers flexible and personalized payment plans. Our services enable your patients to manage their healthcare bills within their budget, promoting financial responsibility.

Online Payment Options

We are here to enhance your patient collecting procedure with safe and convenient online payment choices. Make it easier for your patients to pay their bills by enabling them to do so whenever and wherever they want. In addition to improving patient satisfaction, this accelerates your revenue cycle.

Automated Reminders

With RCM Matter’s Automated Reminders, you can simplify your collection process and save time by reducing the need for manual follow-ups. Timely reminders are sent to patients via our system, urging them to pay down their amounts or enroll in payment plans.

Top-Notch Patient Statement Processing Services.

Patient statements are essentially medical bills that are either sent to patients through regular mail or electronically. As a healthcare provider, you might be spending a significant amount of money on issuing patient statements, and you may even have dedicated administrative staff for handling medical billing.
However, with the help of a patient statement service, you can outsource all these tasks to a third-party provider. This can result in lower administrative costs for your practice, more efficient collection of medical fees, and allow your staff to focus on providing better care to your patients. Ultimately, a patient statement service can prove to be invaluable for your healthcare practice.

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Features of Our Patient Statement Generation Services

Sending balance reminders via text instead of mailing paper statements is a cost-effective and time-saving option that not only prompts patients to pay their bills electronically but also reduces administrative expenses. With a patient statement service, you can send electronic statements to multiple patients simultaneously, and auto-scheduling ensures that statements are sent on time and prevents overbilling. Additionally, patient statement services offer a variety of statement layouts to choose from, allowing you to select the one that best suits your practice.

Timely Communication

We ensure patient statements are delivered on time for effective healthcare provider-patient communication. Our commitment includes providing accurate, detailed reports promptly, fostering transparent financial interactions, and ensuring efficient financial communication.

Payment Efficiency

Our services are designed to optimize payment efficiency through timely billing and clear patient statements. With well-organized and easily understandable statements, we increase the likelihood of on-time payments and ultimately reduce outstanding balances.

High-Quality Statements

Our main goal is to create top-notch patient statements that are accurate, clear, and complete. We pay close attention to detail to ensure patients receive professional, error-free statements. This approach helps to build trust and enhance patient satisfaction.

Quick Turnaround Time

We assure swift patient statement delivery, rapid service turnaround, and an unwavering commitment to prevent delays, ensuring the prompt resolution of billing inquiries. Our focus is on optimizing payment efficiency for your convenience.


Clear and timely statements enhance patient and physician satisfaction, streamlining the financial management process for physicians and improving the overall patient experience with efficient communication and transparency.

Financial Transparency

We prioritize clear financial transparency in patient statements, fostering trust. Our focus on efficient payment includes timely billing and easily understandable statements, encouraging on-time payments and reducing outstanding balances.