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Medical Group Billing Services

Discover all that our Medical Group Billing Services have to offer in terms of wide-encompassing billing solutions. Our expertise extends beyond serving individual physicians to include improving revenue cycles for medical practices as a whole.
Leave the complex medical group billing to us so you can focus on patient care while we maximize your practice's revenue cycle.

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 Conquer financial and operational obstacles in managing   billing for your medical group

Group Practice Billing RCM Tools for Full Billing Cycle


Efficient Eligibility Verification Tool

Smoothen and accelerate eligibility workflows with our intelligent automation. Our tool effortlessly verifies eligibility, generating exportable PDF reports for patients during their visits.


Sleek Denial Resolution Platform

Automatically extract denial information from EHR/PMS/billing software reports, facilitating priority-based workflows for easier denial resolution.


AR Management Platform

Instantly extract and store Accounts Receivable (AR) information in AR Analyzer to reduce AR days and address unpaid claims efficiently.


Put together an RCM team of low-cost FTEs.

Take advantage of FTEs for any of your healthcare organization's needs listed below.

    Level C

  • Insurance Eligibility of Patients
  • Creation and Transmission of Claims
  • Addressing unresolved claims
  • EOBs and ERAs
  • Insurance/Patient AR Management Mailing

    Level B

  • ICD-10 Coding Specialist
  • Expert in AR and Denial Analysis
  • Coding Specialist
  • Auditor of Billings
  • Expert Claims Management

    Level A

  • Coordinator of the Team
  • RCM Group Leader
  • Income Tax Auditor
  • Manager of Denials and AR
  • EDI/ERA automation expert
RCM Matter’s Credentials

RCM Matter’s Credentials

  • Knowledge Transition Managers with Operational Expertise in Medical Billing Services
  • Onsite Account Management and Client Services for Medical Coding Services
  • Coding Team for Medical Service Providers with Extensive Experience
  • Billing Services Tailored for Medical Group Practices
  • Certified Coding Services from Industry-Recognized Bodies
  • Accredited Medical Billing Coding Company with AHIMA – CCS Certification
  • Professional Healthcare Institute of America (PHIA) - CCP's
  • Comprehensive Medical Billing Solutions from PHIA - CMBS