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Features That Make Us Best Pediatric Medical Billing Services Company

Features That Make Us Best Pediatric Medical Billing Services Company

  • Automate billing flow, patient handling, eligibility checks, and insurance communication for 98% accuracy within 24 hours.
  • RCM Matter ensures accurate claims processing by thoroughly reviewing and correcting incomplete or rejected claims.
  • At RCM Matter, we proactively follow up with insurance companies based on their payment schedules, ensuring that outstanding accounts receivable older than 60 days remain under 20% and those older than 120 days remain below 10%.
  • RCM Matter accurately manages accounts receivable by inputting data on benefits, patient payments, and insurance payments into our billing software.
  • Customized account statements with outstanding balances are sent out to patients by us.
  • We provide complete practice workflow support for your staff, from patient management to document uploads and secure messaging.
  • We ensure that claims are submitted to insurance companies within 48 hours of receiving patient encounter forms, whether in paper or electronic format.
  • RCM Matter delivers a weekly practice scorecard that highlights important information such as booked revenue, collected revenue, and outstanding revenue. We can also provide on-demand reporting as necessary.