Expert Physical Therapy Medical Billing Services | RCM Matter

Primary Care Medical Billing Services for a Healthy Practice

Accurate Coding and Claim Submission

Our coding experts accurately translate medical services into billing codes, optimizing claim submissions for prompt reimbursement and minimal errors, ensuring your practice’s financial well-being.

Denial Management and Appeal Support

Our experienced team can help your practice reduce financial losses caused by denied claims. We meticulously analyze denials, identify their root causes, and provide efficient appeal support to maximize your practice’s revenue.

Verification of Patient Insurance Eligibility

Verifying patient coverage details during the eligibility process helps avoid claim rejections. It mitigates financial risks while ensuring accurate billing and improving revenue flow to guarantee claims processing and reimbursements.

Efficient Accounts Receivable Management

We provide a complete package of solutions to help you effectively manage your finances. We specialize in optimizing billing processes, ensuring that all payments are collected in a timely fashion, and following up on any outstanding balances.

Compliance with Healthcare Regulations

RCM Matter ensures that your billing practices comply with all industry standards and healthcare regulations including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), reducing risks and ensuring peace of mind for your practice.

Customized Financial Analysis and Reporting

We offer personalized financial analysis reports to help you optimize revenue and achieve greater financial stability. Our team of experts will provide actionable insights based on your financial data, allowing you to make informed decisions and take advantage of growth opportunities.